We strive to help each student attain their academic best. Using a Universal Design of Learning approach assures that students of all abilities and levels will be able to learn in the classroom. Students requiring a more individualized learning program may benefit from added support in our resource learning room. Special needs instruction is also available

Bible Based Curriculum

All subjects are focused around Bible truth. Students learn how God is in every subject and learn how to develop a Biblical worldview. Students also learn about and practice applying Biblical character. Weekly chapel service further help students to make decisions to follow the Lord.

Classroom Sizes

Small classroom sizes allow for more individualized learning. Students can enjoy the benefit of having more one on one time with their teacher. Students who tend to struggle in one or more subjects benefit greatly from this access to one on one learning.

Family Atmosphere

Allowing older and younger students to interact and play with each other has created a very close and family like environment. The younger students are able to benefit from the example of the older students, and the older students learn how to mentor and show a good example to younger students.